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This pregnancy is considerably easier on Ophelia so far than the last one. Even so, she can’t help but feel a little apprehensive as the baby bump starts to grow. Will there be enough time and money to go around? She makes up her mind: This will be the last one.

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Tahlia: “At least YOU still love me, grandma.”

Jenny: “Oh honey, your parents still love you, they’re just a little busy with the new baby is all. She needs a lot of attention because she can’t do anything for herself yet.”

Tahlia: “Yeah, well, all they do is yell at me and ignore me! They don’t care about me anymore!”

Jenny: “You know, your father was just the same way when your aunt Jill was first born. He got over that eventually, but he was a bit of a menace for a while! Give him a little time, he’ll remember what it was like, not being the baby anymore. Meanwhile, you have to remember that you’re a big girl now and act like one, and soon Willow will be older and you’ll be able to play with her, and she’ll think you’re the best person in the whole wide world. Her big sister.”

Tahlia: “You think so?”

Jenny: “I know so.”

Tahlia: “Thanks, grandma. You’re the best.”

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A bath for baby Willow.

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Tahlia: “Yessss.”

Tahlia: “Mum, look, I got an A! Even though I was late! Mum!”

Ophelia: “In a minute sweetheart, I’m nursing Willow.”

Tahlia: “But mum, you gotta look!”

Ophelia: “Okay, okay, let me just put her down, okay? …An A, huh? That’s wonderful, hon, I’m very glad-“

Tahlia: “Yeah, yeah, whatever. I’m going upstairs.”

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Ophelia rushes out to meet a very excited Jenny. Not only is Jenny about to meet her second granddaughter for the first time, she’s going to have a third grandchild soon. Life couldn’t be better for an elderly family sim.

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Johnny: “Awake huh, sweetie? Ready to say hello to your grandma?”

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Johnny and Ophelia can enjoy a quiet lunch together, as Tahlia is still at school and Willow is asleep.

"Do you really think another baby was a good idea right now?" Ophelia wonders. "With Tahlia being jealous and acting out, and Willow is still so tiny, and after the burglary we barely have any money…"

"One baby, two babies, we’ll be able to handle it." Johnny smiles. "We can cram another crib into our bedroom if need be, I’m sure."

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Ophelia’s belief in honesty and decency pays off, and she arrives home early with a promotion.