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hearttrees said: Are you planning on uploading Peaseblossom? Her little face is to DIE for.

Sure, I can do that. :) I’m really busy for the next couple of days, but if I haven’t gotten around to it in the next week, feel free to drop me a friendly reminder!

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S5 Skintone Edit

This is Jawusa’s extracted S5 skintone from Castaway stories, edited to match Aledstrange’s improved Maxis face defaults. meetmetotheriver and strangetomato requested this, and after finally getting Photoshop to run on my new laptop, I cobbled the skin together for the two of them.

It is geneticized to be darker than S4, and you can see the difference in tone in the pictures. It is also townified. It is naturally a wee bit pixelated because it is so dark, but I did the best I could to stop it from getting too pixelated. 


Yay! Thank you! ♥ :)

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Tom Freshe quickly tires of being alone. He makes a choice and asks police officer Heather Robertson to move in with him.

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What could possibly be more romantic than proposing at a wedding? Sharla says yes. Guess she’ll have to stop having casual woohoo with the Monty brothers now.

Another love triangle seems to be in the works, too…

Then it’s back to everyday life.

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Garden Club Jill Smith gets a makeover, and marries Mitch Indie.

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Happy family!

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Another new family member! This is Ceres Summerdream.

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There’s adults in this household too… somewhere.

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The Summerdreams.

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More puppies on the way! Beatrice and Benedick leave for college. Mercutio has a good date with cheerleader Jennifer Ball. And Bailey has a disagreement with the skunk.