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Okay, it’s introduction time.

Penelope “Penny” Blackwater has just moved to the new rowhouses on Aspen Tree Walk in Pleasantview. She is a Knowledge sim who aspires to be a writer. With her lives her dog Piglet (“Piggy”) and her cat Priscilla (“Prissy”).

Penelope’s stats:

Aspiration: Knowledge
Zodiac: Cancer
Personality: 8/2/3/4/8
OTH: Film & Literature
LTW: Become Media Magnate

Piglet’s stats:

Doofus, Hyper, Pigpen

Priscilla’s stats:

Genius, Independent, Finicky

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On the phone with Laverne.

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Penelope fails at TV Dinner. She tips the nice fireman for helping her out. And then eats her burnt meal, because dammit, you don’t waste food.

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WCIF the furniture for the Goth's kitchen? It matches their style so well :)
wxxxves asked
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It’s by CuriousB. I think you can find it on her livejournal. :)

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Where did you get the wardrobe from post/92342552404/lucy-and-bucks-bedroom ? Thanks >w<
steambot-timelord asked

It’s a Hemnes addon by shakeshaft @ TSR, but I have a repositoried version which I believe is by repository goddess hafiseazale.

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It’s a recolour by shastakiss, but I don’t know where it would be located - try her tumblr? :)

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