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Fuck You Graham and Ryan. Fuck You EA! Don Lothario is NOT a Bro.

Of anyone in the series he is the most like Barney Stinson, who is a self proclaimed Bro, meaning he’s a bro, and also a fictional character that you have the power to change so if you don’t want him to be a bro, then he’s not. 

Barney Stinson would not be caught dead in that outfit.

How is Don anything like Barney Stinson aside from wanting to sleep with many ladies? Does Don have a collection of suits? Is he a huge nerd with a Storm Trooper in his living room? Does he have a “wingman”? Is Don ~deeply emotionally wounded~ by having some asshole in a suit steal his girlfriend once and also not having a dad? Where are the similarities, exactly? Also what whatheskell said. :P

You could just as easily claim that Daniel Pleasant is a bro, or Skip Broke, or Peter Ottomas (that would actually make a lot more sense) or… any romance sim male, really. It’s not that I deeply care about Don Lothario specifically, it’s the fact that they toss in “old faces” from the previous games as a cheap bait without even bothering to make them anything like the originals. It’s just another mark of how they’re taking the series in a completely different direction and making a spinoff more than a sequel. They don’t really seem to understand why The Sims was popular in the first place. And yes, I do believe this whole WACKY LULZY BRO thing is a pathetic attempt at drawing the male video gamer audience, because being a “girl game” just isn’t good enough. (Which is so stupid I can’t even…)

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So I have one shy of 50 followers. That means a gift, right? And what better way to express thankfulness and love than with roses, right? Plus I am slightly obsessed with love flowers in the game. Indoors, outdoors, doesn’t matter. I love ‘em all. Which is ironic given that I have a distinct tendency to kill plants in real life.

Anyway, I just love these rosebushes because the shapes are quite natural and nicely not-manicured. I don’t know where the heck I found them, actually, but they’re conversions from Bioshock Infinite, if I’m interpreting an acronym right. According to the description in the file, they were converted to TS3 by Veritas and then to TS2 by SamanthaBlack. So, all credit to those folks; I just recolored the flowers x8 (including a black for you goth people :) ) and messed around with the color of the foliage a little bit.

There are two different sizes, as shown above, and although they use the same textures, they aren’t repositoried. Since I’m lame and still haven’t learned how to do that, you get two sets of recolor files. (On the other hand, since they aren’t slaved, if you only want the one size and it doesn’t happen to be the master size, you’re still OK.) Also, they’re kind of big files and I think they’re fairly high-poly, so…Yeah. But I love ‘em and use the crap out of them, myself. I wanted more colors, so I made them and I thought I’d spread ‘em around a bit. The two meshes and 8 recolors of each one are all in the same zip, all files pre-Compressorized and clearly named.


PS: There was supposed to be another part of this gift, too, but SimPE is being a bee-yotch to me at the moment, for reasons that I don’t understand. When/if I get it to be cooperative again, I’ll upload the other part.

Got a question about where I found these rosebushes, so reblogging this in response. :)

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Hi meetme! Thank you for responding to my post! :) I definitely would love the details! :)
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I’ll make this public since others might use this advice too!

How to avoid getting pre-made townies, NPCs, dormies, etc in your custom neighbourhoods without using empty templates from MATY.

First check out my tutorial for disabling the steath ‘hoods on my LiveJournal if you haven’t. :) That will take care of a lot of it.

For creating a new neighbourhood (not subhood), the only thing that needs to be disabled (in addition to the stealth ‘hoods) is the Pleasantview template (N001) in the base game folder. Instead of replacing it with an empty template, simply TAKE OUT the whole original template and put it in a new folder alongside the original one, the same way as described for the Bon Voyage stealth ‘hood. Voila! No more Goopy.

To avoid pre-made dormies for University, the template you want to move away is U001 (Sim State University). Just do it the same way as with Pleasantview and V001/BV stealth ‘hood. (You could also use my clean template, which only has playables and no dormies, and therefore won’t spawn dormies in your custom universities.)

And with Downtown and downtownies… You get the picture. Find D001 in the Nightlife folders, move it the same way as described above. Or use my clean downtown template. (The one without downtownies… obviously.)

Of course, if you want Sim State or Downtown back in your game for any reason you have to move the templates back to their original location first! But that’s still easier than having to keep taking in and out empty templates.

I don’t believe Bluewater Village spawns additional townies, but it’s been a long time since I made a custom shopping district. The same method would apply for it, anyway.

I’m not sure about custom vacation destinations either (I have never made one), but I’ve uploaded the empty vacation templates from MATY (which I use myself) here.

And that is that. I hope that helps!

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Lucy gets a job in the culinary career, while Buck wants to make a living out of selling paintings and pottery.

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The spare bedroom, temporarily serving as Buck’s art room.

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Lucy and Buck’s bedroom.

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Upstairs hallway, and unfinished bathroom.

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